Bye Bye Facebook (again)

According to Facebook’s own amazing system of self congratulation I re-joined Zuck’s army 6 years ago. My previous hiatus was due to the poor level of content rather than privacy and I rejoined predominately out of necessity. Recent events have made me rethink that decision and I’ve reached the conclusion that I have little choice […]

Going Dark – a Social Network Free World?

In light of the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica “scandal” I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to assume a position of being free of all social networks. Not as a definite plan but rather as an exercise in exploring the feasibility of removing myself from these services. While I’m not one to buy into the histrionics […]

My 11 Must Have WordPress Plugins

I’m a huge fan of WordPress. Not because it’s the best CMS out there but because through a combination of experience and the light weight, flexibility of the platform I’ve found I can build most anything I need quickly and easily. At the heart of this (aside for WordPress itself of course) are a range […]

Those who can, should teach

“He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.” George Bernard Shaw Man and Superman (1903) “Maxims for Revolutionists” Both of my parents were teachers and I was privileged enough to actually enjoy most of my schooling thanks to lucky placement within the UK comprehensive system and some dedicated and top class teachers. As such, I’ve […]